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traditions of synesthetical production

Worldwide traditions in art and magic used to work with a lot of "linked" strategies to "manipulate the targets" of their work. This list will be extended with available infos in the future.

Alexander Scriabin

Famous for his light-organ and the pieces he wrote for both: music and visuals

Wassily Kandiski

It is said, that Kandinsky was humming the colors before he mixed them on his pallet. Certainly he was an artist who was very conscious about the possibility of connections between sounds and visuals.

Dominic de Clario

was an artist who made his color-to note system popular. The colors of the spectrum were organized like tones on a piano, starting with red /c-major and ending with white/b.

Johann Wolfgang. von Goethe

wrote his "farbenlehre" where he tried to write down a systematic description wich emotional content was loaded in the colours of nature and art. like in many other systems to fix synesthetics people forgot that the perception in this field is highly individual


pre-modern japanese Haikus_

In pre-modern japanese haikus the lyrics played with a lot of synesthetic metaphors.



*"knowledge for all"

like many other non-commercial projects, synlabor is not able to pay the rights to show copyrighted material. So we will mostly use open source documents or pictures from our own material if we dont have the explicit permission of the copyright owners..

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