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the phenomenom of cross-sensual perception has been documented since several hundred years. It seems impossible to know all the scientific research on the neurological connections between sensual perception and the cerebral and physical activities in these processes.

But since the human being has analyzed its environment and its body there have been efforts to bring the sensual and intellectual parts together systematically.

The two main directions in this research are the artists with synesthetical concepts or backgrounds and on the other side the scientists who try to understand this "phenomenon" .


here is a short list of names of famous synesthecically researching people.

this list will be backed up by a database and will be growing in the future


Isaac Newton

A well known example In the scientific world is Sir Isaak Newton, who tried to find a mathematic formula for corresponding waveforms of light and sound. Obviously he accepted the existence of the sensual correlations and was searching for a mathematical evidence.


Richard E. Cytowic

a Neropsychologist of our time who wrote a popular book named "The Man Who Tasted Shapes". He is working on the cerebral and neuronal aspects and the psychological effects of synesthetic Perception.

Simon Baron-Cohen

the british Neurologist believes that the cerebral areas of synnies have special connections between the areas used for certain fields of perception.

Hugo Heyrman

a artist who is living in Antwerpen and holding speeches, filmtours and offers a big collection of links on synesthetics








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